The 90-Day BLUEPRINT proven to get you "UNSTUCK" by 
Anchoring to a Positive Mindset, GRIT, and Movement with 1:1 Coaching
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Tony has changed countless lives. Now, he's ready to change yours.

Tony helps working professionals and executives transform into the best version of themselves by shedding their old mentality and embracing one anchored to Positive Mindset, GRIT, and Movement (some label this as exercise – we don’t.)

We believe in no excuses. Everyone has a hectic schedule, so we’ll design a plan that works with you and your agenda.

The alteredSTATE 90-Day BLUEPRINT Is Based On 4 Core Principles...

Positive Mindset

Adopting a positive mindset is the key to success. It’s an attitude tied to “expecting” good results and a life of abundance. It’s easy to have a positive mindset when everything is going right and we feel on top of the world. But oftentimes, we forget when things get tough or when we fall into mundane, everyday schedules.

The good news is a positive mindset can be learned or reinvigorated at any point in your life. We can teach you how – no matter what your circumstances. 

With our 1:1 coaching and daily lesson plans, you’ll learn how to maintain a positive mindset through disruption and drawbacks in your life, and stay locked onto achieving your goals.

It's the alteredSTATE Promise!!


Get moving in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Some people just don’t have the time to hit the gym for hours every day, and that’s fine. 

Instead, let’s focus on creating a daily ritual you actually look forward to and find something you love.

We’ll work directly with you to uncover an activity or method of movement that not only suits your lifestyle but invigorates you. We will make sure it even impacts your productivity in other parts of your life. 

After all, when you have more energy and a lifted spirit, you can tackle anything.


GRIT is the fuel needed to keep going when you want to stop. It’s all about perseverance and passion for your long-term objectives and a “never give in” attitude. 

Quitting is a momentary thing. Fulfilling your purpose is for a lifetime.

At alteredSTATE, we’ll train you to push through the moments when you want to quit and throw in the towel (we’ll throw it right back at you). We’re here to propel you through your toughest times, even if we have to get behind you and start pushing. 

Your success is our success.

Overcoming Obstacles

Momentum is great until we hit a stumbling block. Then it seems like all the hard work and change we put in only got us a fraction of the way to our goals. What we fail to realize is we need to level up again. Just like in the gym, we need to constantly add more weight to continue toning our minds, bodies, and spirit. Fortunately, life tends to do that for us.

Instead of giving up, our team will show you how to not only deal with obstacles, but to smash right through them. 

You’ll reframe your perspective to view hurdles as worthy challenges, not frustrating setbacks. Just think of it as life saying, “You’re ready for more.”

You've waited long enough. Don't wait any longer... the time to take action is NOW! 👇🏻

You Will Experience...

  • 1-on-1 Coaching From Experienced Coaches Every Step Of The Way. We are a phone call or text away.  24/7  and 365 days a year.
  • ​A Dramatic Transformation In Your Mental & Physical Health - In as little as two weeks (Yes, that fast), you will see a dramatic improvement in your health when you follow the alteredSTATE framework.  
  • ​A Mindset Shift That Allows You To Overcome Your Most Challenging Obstacles and identify when they are coming, so that you can develop a plan to smash them whenever they come up in the future. Thats a promise!!
  • ​The 90-Day alteredSTATE lesson and workbook plan with daily lessons  and worksheets to help you achieve the life you have always dreamt of. 
  • ​No cookie cutter approach at alteredSTATE, so all of the lessons, worksheets, and coaching philosophy was built by Tony, one of the leading Recovery and Mindset Coaches in the industry. You want passion, he's got it. 
  • ​​alteredSTATE offers the same framework for how Tony achieved sobriety, recovery, a positive mindset, abundance, career goals, fitness goals, parenting goals, and GRIT.
  • ​alteredSTATE believes there is growth in THE PROCESS, not the DESTINATION. We apply this principle to how we coach you every single week!!
  • ​A Movement Plan to help you go from the couch to a  5K/10K. This is custom made for YOU. Yes, something else we do for you. We are anchored to giving you more than you expect. Our focus is making this comprehensive and fail proof.
  • A Community Of Like-Minded Professionals who Are evolving Into The Best Versions Of Themselves. There is POWER in community. We built it for YOU!!!
  • ​And much more...schedule your call to get started. You deserve it. Read that again!!
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About Tony Munóz
Founder of alteredSTATE™️

Tony’s passion has always lied with coaching individuals on how to leverage their strengths to drive high performance in both their personal and professional life. He has transformed the lives of many working professionals and executives with his unique 1:1 approach toward mentorship and coaching.

Over 20 years, Tony has led high-performing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations in identifying the unmet needs of patients living with rare diseases. Tony graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science from Florida State University, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Miami, and a Masters in Healthcare Leadership (MHL) from Brown University. 


Tony is a member of both NET Institute & IAPRC, credentialed governing bodies in the recovery industry

Tony is a member of both NET Institute & IAPRC, credentialed governing bodies in the recovery industry

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